Houlihan's Bar & Grill in Schererville, Indiana pulled off a bit of a miracle last night; they made me like cauliflower. Most of you all know that I harbor no love for that bland, bleached-down cousin of broccoli, and that I do all that I can to avoid it. But, having only recently given up m...[continue]

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Brussel Sprouts & Quinoa

I'm still on my EAT MORE PLANTS diet and my wife, Meeks, is doing an excellent job helping me eat a plant-based/vegetarian diet. This is the Brussel sprouts and quinoa that she made me, and the seasoning is UNBELIEVABLY Good


UMAI Japanese Kitchen & Sushi

Meeks and I went out on a date this past weekend and she had octopus for the first time. Following our trip to "Artopia: An Immersive Art Experience" we stopped by UMAI Japanese Kitchen & Sushi in downtown Chicago for dinner. The setting and ambiance were exquisite and the food was amazi...[continue]


Hidden Vietnamese Food Gem 2 Hours from Chicago

Just outside of the heart of Downtown Rockford, IL and mere minutes away from the Rock River sits a hidden gem of Vietnamese dining. Nustled in an unassuming storefront on a rather unassuming street sits Hai Qyunh, a small and cozy Vietnamese dining experience waiting to be had. Don’t be fooled by...[continue]


Salmon, Oysters & Scallops at Greenfire Restaurant

This past weekend I was celebrating both my wife's birthday and Valentine's day. As such, it was time for us to drop the kids off at their Nanna's house and get away as a couple for a few days. Those of you who have known me for a while are fully aware by now that [my wife] Meeks' bi...[continue]


Zucchini Kabobs

This is from my wife's and my garden; fresh from the garden to the grill. The zucchini and the baby tomatoes are from our garden and I'm not going to even lie, these Zucchini Kabobs were outstanding. The tomatoes were perfectly sweet and zesty, and I really think we are raising some prize zu...[continue]


Fruit, Fruit, Fruit!

This is a delicious afternoon snack that I had and think you all might also enjoy too if you're looking for something sweet to eat. The front plate has mango and watermelon cubes with blueberries and peches slices to the side. The bowl in the back has strawberries, bananas and blueberries. It...[continue]


Open-Faced Stir-Fried Avocado Sandwich

This amazing Open-Faced, Avocado Stir-Fry Sandwich is an AMAZING treat that we came up with and can be made in about 5-10 minutes.

Here is how I made this open-faced veggie sandwich:


- mushrooms

- shredded carrots


Eating Plant-Based/Vegan in New Orleans

When Meeks and I arrived in New Orleans in the summer of 2018 I was starving. I hadn't eaten a full meal since about 1 o'clock the previous day due to traveling on a tight schedule, so Meeks suggested I try the IHOP, IHOB, or whatever they are now. So I walked over and after browsing the men...[continue]


Independence Day Plant-Based BBQ

This is what the plant-based side of our grill looked like on Independence Day 2019. On the menu we had baked beans, brown rice, grilled plantains, grilled corn, grilled pineapples, veggie burgers and a grilled veggie mix of cucumber noodles, carrots, jalapeno peppers, onions, mushrooms & tomato...[continue]


BBQ Veggie Grill Mix

Since my last Barbecue I have gotten a lot of request for the BBQ Veggie Mix I made and shared. I typically do some sort of veggie mix on the grill at every one of my BBQs, so here is the one that you all have asked for. If you are plant-based, or just eating healthy; this dish is a great option to ...[continue]