Avocado & Cucumber Snack

by Corey Buckner in Meals
January 24, 2021

It's Veggie Time for my Game Time Snack! Let's Go! This was my snack for the NFC and AFC Championship games.

- Avocado slices,

- Cucumber slices

- Humus

I lightly seasoned the avocado and cucumber slices with garlic salt and pepper. It is an EXCELLENT combination of tastes that I highly recommend you try.

Here's the thing; I used to absolutely HATE avocado. For years I wouldn't even look at it. But, over that last 3 years I have completely fallen in love with it. It's a good thing too. I work out a lot, and need to consume a lot of potassium. Avocado is loaded with potassium; surpassing even bananas with their potassium levels. Additionally; avocado is believed to aid in losing weight by suppressing your appetite with one study published in Nutrition Journal showing that eating half an avocado with lunch suppressed participants' appetites by 40%. Avocados also help humans better absorb nutrients and boosts our metabolism. All reasons to consume the delicious, green fruit. Yes... avocado is a fruit.

Add the delicious, protein packed hummus and the deliciously refreshing cucumber slices; and you have one amazing, healthy and delicious snack.

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