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I've Fallen In Love WIth Steak!

by Corey Buckner in Meals
January 07, 2021

BIG BOY FOOD. This is how Big Boys feed those Big Muscles; and NOBODY makes a stake like the Mrs. Buckner AKA the First Lady of Big Strong U! I went 25 years without eating meat, and had never had an actual stake before July of 2020. Now, I am HOOKED! Seriously, it fills me up and packs me full of protein, and does great things for my growing muscles. If you're looking to get bigger; steak with broccoli and potatoes is a great way to feed your body in a way that feeds your muscles and not your waistline. This insanely delicious meal here was made for me by my wife, and I am ever-thankful to her for showing me the true wonders of eating steak!

It's interesting to me that due to my devotion to my vegetarian diet, and then later to vegan ideals; that I deprived myself to all that is good about eating a nicely-prepared steak. This is something to think about when you hopefully routinely reconsider the diet and fitness choices. We should always be evaluating whether or not what we are doing is working for us as individuals. There is definitely some static health and fitness advice that works across the board. But, the overwhelming majority of fitness advice needs to be weighed against your own biology and other circumstances. In this case, in many ways I would have been better off had I consumed high protein steaks over the last 25 years. Lesson learned.

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